Important Advice E5 – Alisas Stage


Due to the large audience of this edition the organization requests the maximum collaboration to all the spectators:

Advance the planned arrival to the stage.

Leave parked cars in safe places and out of the stage.

Put yourself in high places and further away from the road.

Do not travel on the road until the end of the stage.

If you go with children, they must be under the supervision of adults at all times.

Always follow the instructions of the volunteers and organizers.

Respect the areas marked as dangerous.

Do not throw objects into the path.

The bad attitude of the public and its incorrect position in the prohibited areas can be reasons for cancellation of a stage.

A few spectators can make anyone enjoy the show. Do not let that happen. Remember that the organizers can suspend the celebration of the event if at any time they observe potentially dangerous situations for athletes and spectators.

Do not force us to make this decision.